Top 50 Ladies Sangeet Songs – Indian Wedding Songs

Top 50 Ladies Sangeet Songs

Top 50 Ladies Sangeet Songs - Indian Wedding Songs

Ladies Sangeet Function is all about dance and music, where Wedding Ladies Sangeet Songs and Mehndi Wedding songs are a common occurrence at Sangeet party. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies held few days before the Indian wedding and is exclusively for family members of bride and bridegroom. In this occasion family members, friends and relatives associate together for Ladies Sangeet. In these ceremony ladies sings folk songs, Indian Wedding Songs accompanied by Dholak and other musical instruments for the tune and beat and all the unmarried girls perform dance on different songs. In today’s trends Ladies Sangeet DJ Songs plays an important role especially in marriage night as everybody wants to enjoy on this occasion. Initially, the Sangeet Function was organized only by the bride's family but with changing times it is now observed by the groom's family as well. It was a ritual which was only seen in North Indian weddings, but nowadays it is conducted in Bengali and South Indian marriages as well.

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